What a beautiful little book. Charlie Jane Anders over at io9.com did a great write-up in a "best of" post, so I'll just show it here: Rickert's quiet, introspective story about three aging witches who used to be best friends is a perfect complement to Grossman's trilogy, actually — it has some of the same thoughtful exploration of magic and its consequences. But it's also impressive how much suspense Rickert manages to achieve in a book where the stakes are super low. I was on the edge of my seat reading about the precarious coming of age of a young girl who was found in a shoe box, and now lives in a house surrounded by a garden of discarded shoes.


It really is a story with very low stakes, but maintains a relatively high level of suspense. There is no "big reveal," (there's a reveal, but it isn't shocking), no sudden unexpected plot twists. It's a dreamy, lullaby-like story. It really moved me, and I can't recommend it enough.

— also, if you're put off by "magic," this isn't Harry Potter type magic; think more of elderly women using herbs type magic.

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